Splunk Hands on The Complete Data Analytics using Splunk (2022)

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This Splunk training helps to use Splunk in Application Management, Business Analytics and to analyze huge data
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Course Curriculum

1. Introduction Splunk Fundamentals

  • 1. Introduction Splunk Fundamentals

2. Intelligence and Example

3. Splunk MapReduce

4. Installation

5. Basic configurations

6. Data Input into Splunk

7. Splunk Apps and Searching the data

8. Splunk Fields,Splunk Searching and reporting app tour

9. Splunk Report Creation

10. Splunk statistics and visualization

11. Splunk Search Commands

12. Splunk Commands Who has access U

13. Deriving statistics

14. Creating Visualizations

15. Enriching Visualizations

16. Evaluating the Results

17. Correlating Events

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Last Updated:February 8, 2022